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Janette Ghedotte, MA LLP
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Melva Thomas Johnson, LMSW and
Jesse Johnson, MA LLP Guest Experts

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Melva & Jesse Transform Relationships
Jesse and Melva share a great deal of knowledge about transforming relationships through various training seminars. They are dedicated and passionate to their organization providing families with the professional personal counseling they need.
~ JW

Melva & Jesse Turned Our Relationship Around
This weekend has given me the hope that together my husband and I can work through any problem as long as we do it with respect, honesty, and empathy. Before this weekend. I truly believed we were headed for a divorce. Now I know if we work with the tools we learned that our relationship will only grow stronger.
I believe that we have learned the tools to heal and grow into the loving couple we intended to be when we married. Melva and Jesse are two of the most gentle and amazing people I have ever been blessed to know. Thank you, doesn’t seem enough. God Bless You!
~ T.B.

Sincere & Heartfelt Gratitude
There are no words available to express my gratitude. Without this I felt like divorce was the only option. After divorce another possible failed relationship. Press Repeat. Thank you Melva & Jesse. With sincere and heartfelt gratitude.
~ B.A.

Our Marriage will Last
My experience at Melva and Jesse's workshop was amazing. Way more than I thought. They showed me I do still love my wife and our marriage will last with work and time. They showed us a new way to see each other and how to love should feel. I would recommend this to any couple needing help!
~ J.B.

Melva & Jesse's Workshop Should Be on Each Couple's Wedding Registry Wish List!
We are newlyweds and this workshop has been the best investment we could make in our marriage.

Honeymoons last a short time, but the skills taught will last a lifetime. A workshop weekend should be on each couples' registry wish list!
~ JP

Nurturing & Safe Imago Environment
Attending the workshop made it possible to believe that understanding the IMAGO process can help any willing couple attain a positive, nurturing and safe environment to grow independently as well as a couple.
~ C.B.
Workshop Improved Our Communication, Love, Listening, and Appreciation for Each Other
This workshop will add years and growth to our marriage and certainly the 2+ my wife and I are expecting. This workshop has helped us improve in communicating/loving/ listening/appreciating each other!
~ L.C.

We Fell in Love With Each Other All Over Again
Melva and Jesse make you want to fall in love all over again. Regardless of the negativity, they may experience, they personify romance. Great workshop. Do it for your future.
~ G.C.

Melva & Jesse's Imago Workshop is
Life Changing for Our Marriage
I really wish I could, but my words would not effectively describe how beneficial and wonderful this weekend was for me and my relationship already. Thank you both for being life changing for us.
~ A.G.

Safe, Warm, & Engaging
Very helpful and great for the improvement of marital relationships. Very well run an informative. I would highly recommend Melva and Jesse. They provide a safe, warm, engaging atmosphere. They are knowledgeable and passionate about Imago Therapy.
~ C.H.

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